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VNI pour les patients COVID-19 sévères

4th webinar -“International Learning from COVID-19”.

Sharing current position and learning points on International guidelines for ventilation for COVID-19 by Dr. Elliott, UK;
Strategy for Severe COVID-19 in Wuhan Union Hospital, China by Prof. Zhang; and NIV support for COVID-19 in Madrid, Spain by Dr. Sayas.
1. Opening Remarks: Temasek’s fight against COVID-19 - Yeoh Keat Chuan (0 - 04:07)
2. Welcome Remarks from Philips: NIV Therapy for COVID-19 Patients - Diederik Zeven (04:0807:18)
3. Speakers introduction – Dr. Mark Elliott (07:1908:22)
4. International Guidelines for Ventilation for COVID-19 – Dr. Mark Elliott (08:2324:05)
5. What strategy should we apply to support patients with respiratory failure – Prof. Jin-Nong Zhang (24:0656:38)
6. NIV Respiratory Support for COVID-19 from Madrid, Spain – Dr. Javier Sayas Catalan (56:391:14:45)
7. Live Q&A session with COVID-19 updates from China, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore (1:14:461:46:03)